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Setting Grid Coordinates for Site Plans

Have you ever needed to setup a Site plan with a GRID coordinate format?

Here is what you do:

First off you will need to make sure your Coordinate sytem is setup in the drawing you have referenced your overall drawing into. You don't want to set transformation in the original file.

Click on the Tranformation Tab and check "Apply tranform settings"

Under the reference point section type in the North grid and East Grid number you want to use. My case I started with 100 & 100.

Select the "pick" icon and browse the to location on your grid you labeled N 1+00 & E 1+00 and pick the intersection.

Now if your grid is rotated like mine you will need to select the "Rotation Point" Grid info. I picked 150.

Now you are ready to Label items on your site plan.

Now for the Label Style:

Go to your Prospectors "Settings" Tab and under "Label Styles" go to the "expressions"

at bottom and create an expression for Grid North and Grid East. Make sure you set format to "Station"

Now you can create a Label Style. Add Both of the expressions you just created and whatever text formating you want and your Done.

You can also follow the same concept with Points to creat a point Table of All your Items that you are

Identifying in the Site Plan.

I created a point at every location I want to put into a table with the point description and elevation.

Create your expressions and label style same way you just did and select the "Annotate" Ribbon. Pick "Add Tables"













Point table creation dialog box comes up and pick the style you created and the points you want to add to the table.































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